Today I’m very pleased to share this new zine, S P A C E | Brooklyn, ‘Art 4 Art’s Sake.’

This is probably my favorite, to date. Because it does the work of going and seeking people and stories, playing in the conversation space, then interconnecting people who I find truly gifted and inspiring to learn from.

It’s a magical collaboration that somehow managed to make its way onto the digital page, this week, in, uh… Dropbox papers? (I know, right? What is that about?) I have so much more to say about the conversations and interweaving, asynchronous and international shapes of S P A C E that are beginning to converge in the current issues. It’s all starting to feel exactly right, now. It takes time, right? Art. Takes. Time. Well, well. Here we are.

L’art pour l’art

ABOUT ISSUE #43. One contributor is an editor in Finland. Another is DK | S P A C E’s former culture editor, who is based in Cambodia. More about them is in this blog post. I also included a short story of my own, ‘Continuations.’

You can download the issue all this week here.

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October 15, 2019