If good things come in threes, then today is the day that the third thing landed. If I am understanding this correctly, the border between Cambodia and Vietnam is now open. The article is: http://news.chinhphu.vn/Home/Viet-Nam-Cambodia-open-new-border-gate-pair/20216/44061.vgp. For those of you who know this blog and me personally you know that I have not been able to go ‘back’ to Cambodia, which has been base for me from 2014-2020. There was a border closure and a flight reschedule-thing that led to me saying, ‘Why don’t I just wait out the pandemic where I am?’ At the time, I was in Dalat. A mountain town that used to be much better eight years ago; in 2013 I had left the US in order to ‘go in search of the new, the different’ and so on in an idealistic exploration that has left to many, many left turns and a few that were right.

Summary? This has been the longest and most intriguing, as well as challenging, block of 15 months in a row of waiting and wondering.

And learning to find the beauty of waiting, too. (The second thing).

The end of our journeys will be to arrive at the place where we began, and to know it for the first time. –T. S. Eliot

And letting things arrive. [deleted. Will publish it in Solitude]. (The third thing, in the Good Things Trio.)

But the difference is, that now, I’m stronger for it.

Discovery. Design. And now, this.

# # #

June 2, 2021