I like this video and the one that is the precursor for it, Harsh Advice for Writers. Alexa Donne


The great part is that she just gets to the point about things and says it straight up.

I like this.

This is the week that I start looking for a ‘traditional publisher.’

It’s so funny about how she says, ‘It’s not fair. it’s not about rewarding who works the hardest.’ That was interesting. Because it reminded me of something. I got into a fight with a Singaporean who I met in Krakow on a visit to that city in 2019 who hated it that I said the same kind of thing before, about how it’s not fair. She said noooooo and almost threw a pancake at me. She said, ‘I have friends who work really hard at writing!,’ and I was like, ‘So? That doesn’t mean anyone cares.’

No one cares.

Haha. Too funny. Too real, too.

‘Just have to be resilient and pick yourself up and move forward.’


June 20, 2022