The Mirror

Welcome to The Mirror 2022. A conversation space for people to connect and interconnect, in dialogues hosted in virtual space by Kismuth Books’ Dipika Kohli.

Kohli: ‘This is where all the travels, all the conversations, all the learning in journalism and design, have led me. The big work is to connect us. In real, unedited and raw conversations that don’t have sides, but a center. It’s about really showing up, honestly, for ourselves, and for each other. The hard part about building a community from zero is that there are so many, many other existing ones in which you can just ‘be with like-minded people’ or share an ideology—but that’s not what this is. We just want to get to know new thinking, new ways of looking at old ideas, and share, as we go. Together. That’s always been the impetus for me for world tours, not to go and assimilate, or to acculturate, but to learn. To see the me there, that. To identify with what is universal, that, too. To invite the new. Not for everyone, and certainly not endorsed by pretty much anyone. Because, why? They like being ‘in the comfort zone.’ Staying put, where it’s easy. Until, of course, it’s not…

Talk about it. Together.

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