I want to talk about this sometime. Most of the last three years for me has been spent in quiet reflection; nothing new there, of course, forKismuth, except that it was really really quiet, due to hard lockdown for a summer in Ho Chi Minh City, bracketed on both sides by monthslong silent space. See Solitude (Kismuth Books / 2016)

We can talk about the Art of Not Knowing and how it relates to Evaluating Life Choices. Think this could be really interesting.

Let’s try a group call.

Members* of S P A C E, please join me?

To be continued.

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How to evaluate your life | Will evaluating your life help you clarify personal goals?


Boats and Lakes

Dear R, I got your voice mail. Thank you!

I sent you an email saying so. But no reply. (Are you getting my emails? I have sent three or four over the year to the same address, no answers.)

Now, I can send you my phone number.

I finally got one. Shall I? Email me if you see this.

Meantime, this is a picture I thought you would like.

Best to you,

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I got a phone



Cojournal is a weekly project that I sometimes make ‘live.’ I have about ten years’ worth of writing prompts, which I curate for the project based on what comes up for applicants. We talk. We talk together. We relax and connect. Sometimes it is very good. Sometimes we are quiet. Both ways are fine; it’s an ambient connectivity.

Anyone can apply. No fee to apply.


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The Cojournal Project




The purpose of life is to live it. -Eleanor Roosevelt

But how do you live a life well? Maybe you are questioning your choices, in the past years, and wondering what could have happened to bring you to a place where you felt more fulfilled, today. This is human nature, to wonder, to question, to look at the other pastures, to think about FOMO, isn’t it? I know zero people who are completely content, personally. There is always this or that thing, to flit over to and question. I know it’s partly due to the simple fact that the pandemic has forced us to look at what matters, what counts, what we want, what we don’t want… but me, I’ve always been asking these questions. Who am I? has been the center of many stories of Kismuth’s books.

Authentic living is when you live your values.

More to share.

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A life well lived



This quote comes up a lot. In the conversations. Now I will join one… calls.







Writing is all rewriting


I’m glad to reconnect.

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Dear –



Bar Kismuth is opening, next month. Join the conversations over Zoom voice.

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A Virtual Speakeasy




‘Why do you do this, Dipika? What’s in it for you?’ After publishing 186 issues of my mini-mag S P A C E, I know now. I updated the crowdfunding campaign page for it, and there I have outlined my reason. This is why.



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So many updates. Some at, for example, and also behind the scenes.

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New projects to get us talking together


Some of us are growing. Some of us are changing.





It is easy to get lost in loss.

The feelings are there, and you don’t know what to do with them, and grief overtakes you. I’ve written about childhood grief, and I’ve written about pregnancy loss that wasn’t quite as simple as it sounds due to a genetic anomaly.

I’ve also written about the loss of community and culture, (owing to often moving, whole continental shifts at times). People change. You change. We drift; it’s natural.




Making new things, with #spacethezine



Another Now


The question is, who do you write for. Let me think about this out loud a little. Someone once answered this question in the exact way that I would have, had I been asked it, in the interview, in which she was. This wasn’t a video, or a podcast, this was a magazine article I had read in the days when magazines were in print.

It was a common practice for me to wander down to the Seattle waterfront, meander around in Pike Place Market, pick up something nice for later in the day, and get magazines. Print ones. From the news stand there. Today? Hm. I wonder if people read anything longer than paragraph or a blunted bit of social media, these days. Honestly I think there is too much of too much altogether and I can’t really keep up with it.

Still, I do write. I write a lot. I write for a handful of people now, though, and I hardly share any of it, publicly. People used to ask me, when I left newspapers and moved into design, then switched again to writing (memoirs and now zines), these kinds of deeply intrusive questions (all of which I avoid) but the one that I will let them ask me is: Who do you write for? Is a massive question that, for me, hasn’t had a different answer for 20 years. I write, I would have said, as another author once did, for myself, and strangers. 



‘Who do you write for?’


After serious personal reflection during a 20-month stint in Vietnam for ‘solitude‘ and ‘waiting,’ it has become obvious to me what to do when you need to make some exemplary shifts in your life.

Choices, personal journeys, the states of being, and clean breaks are the topics of this 8- or 12-week series of prompts. Look forward to sharing snippets of golden nuggets from dozens of conversations and readings of psychologists, therapists, and psychiatrists on the topic of ‘estrangement’. Why this topic?


Awareness is where it begins

It started for me with an awareness, a very particular one, that those who are already registering for the Mirror will be able to read as soon as Friday. That is when I will send out the orientation packets. The topic is ‘Awareness.’ Naturally. (Everyone everywhere says that’s the first step. So, too, ought it be, with Mirror.)

There is a fee to participate but no cost to apply.

Apply here.


The people who show up are the right people