Sometimes when I get motivated I put together short courses on the internet. This is for the people who are part of my online circle of acquaintances, sometime-friends, keep-in-touch-maybe circles, and, of course past clients. The last set of people are the ones I want to write this to, today. My past clients in Seattle and Durham NC at Design Kompany. I was talking away about one of you, JM… actually there are two JMs… one in Seattle who inspired the title of our e-mag, S P A C E, and one in Durham NC who I hope to catch up with in a week or so because I’m at another crossroads again and need your amazing professional business advisor-y advice. Yeah.


It was cool to know these wonderful people through the years and because of their trust DK could be what DK was. A place for experimentation, play, showing up to try new things, improvisations, and, weirdly, we morphed into an ‘innovation consulting’ studio whereby we’ve managed to stay in Asia for seven years. Long story. I know. So many people want to get into my business and ask me [deleted] and I’m like, ‘Really? Can we not talk about philosophy instead?’ I let myself lose touch with these people who don’t care about, um…. ideas. Why bother. I don’t have to keep up with everyone.

Why do people do that? Collect each other on FB? I mean really. I just don’t get it. For me, it would be so tiring. I prefer writing books and making zines and finding people and interesting things and also, sharing. (Today I met half of a couple; they make really cool collage-y art books. So, of course I’m totally excited about it. I think I will go there tomorrow for tea.)  Stories, mostly, these days, since the camera is in Cambodia. And I’m not.

I found some cool stuff though; pencils, colored pencils, A3 sketchbooks, and more. I’ve been getting back to this kind of making. Slowly. With a quiet hand.

But, getting back to appreciating the people who made it possible for DK to function, operationally, yeah, our clients. Wow. I think I know why the old DK series (Seattle, Durham NC, Phnom Penh, and now I’m starting to investigate my way here in Ho Chi Minh City, too, hit me up if you’re here?) worked as well as it did.

People saw something in DK that they were interested in adding into their own lives. I reviewed a lot of surveys once and found that spelled out quite clearly. People. Want. Permission. And space. To play.

A rediscovery..

‘You guys just look like you’re always having fun.’

And then, I knew that was what it was. Playfulness.

MA, in Seattle, looking at you! (Remember that time you said, ‘D, you have such a childlike wonder… still…’ I remember our dates at Vicky T’s as well. [deleted]… Man. I hope you are good, there, M. You know, I really enjoyed our conversations…) DK is still at it. And still interested in the very same.

Play. I forgot for a while there, didn’t I.

I got too lost.. But I’m back, and at it.

Anything is possible. Let’s play.