To those of you who don’t know me personally, this is my other site. The more I go ‘into it’, as Jiddu Krishnamurthi likes to say, the more I feel like this branding thing that I do at Design Kompany for a handful of people whom I like and choose to work on that with and this website are related. I mean, they are because they both are about living the life you can live, potentially, if you choose it. Deeply, not superficially.


Against fake fake fake

Did you mean it? Were you sincere?  These days falseness is all over the place, you know what I’m talking about, and it’s hard to find something you know you can count on, with certainty, that has solidity to it. Granted, there is for sure always ebb and flow to everything. But what about gravity? Isn’t gravity constant? [I mean, in this reality… this universe… I remember reading there are ten universes, the multiverse, and HL, when I met HL, told me all about it in an impromptu and then a scheduled second session about that exact topic—thanks for that lecture that time in Malaysia. So good.] But back to my topic. No matter how I package it up, the words that I write and the blogs that I post have a giant overlap to them. Whether it’s with Kismuth meaning ‘destiny’ and the books I put together in first-person memoir style to share the big chapters of my life (The Elopement, The Dive, Kanishka, for example, and more recently Solitude), or Design Kompany which I was always thinking was about design and it is but there’s more. These two sites are actually both coming from the same place; both are me. Design or writing, or making my own conversation parties… they all sort of do the same thing. Invite the first step to happen, and guide the way to start, for those who are like, ‘Dipika, yes. Let’s go. Take me somewhere new.’


What people say about life purpose-finding

Life purpose is something that I am reading about from websites that purport to help you find out what yours is. The longer I spend time with these arbitrary sites, which pop up on search, because I am writing more blogs again at DK in order to populate the site up after oh, I don’t know, a nine year break?, and yeah, the deeper we go with the investigations there, the more I go ‘into it’ with my own understanding that no matter what the website, the purpose is the same. Provocation. And an invitation. To look honestly, within.

Below is an excerpt from

I like this: Cultivate strong relationships with people you love. One way to live a meaningful life is to have close relationships with others. Make an effort to spend time with people who make you feel good when they’re around, whether that’s your family, friends, or coworkers. If anyone puts you down or makes you feel bad about yourself, you don’t necessarily have to cut them out entirely, but do try to limit the time you spend around them. Try to create a diverse group of friends and acquaintances. Spending time around people who are different from you can help broaden your world view and help you define your place in it.


Walk into The Mirror

For those so inclined to ‘go into it,’ the Mirror, I mean, I invite you to apply.


This year’s sequence is for AH.


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April 2, 2022