In an article for Harvard Business Review, by Elizabeth Grace Saunders writes about how you can make more time for ‘me time’.

Here’s a part of it:

‘If you feel as though there is always more you could be doing, you’ll need to consciously set aside time for self-care. In doing so, you will clearly give yourself permission that this is the most important and appropriate thing to do now. Scheduling helps you to see where self-care fits into your schedule, and how other essential activities have their places around it. Take a moment to define what you need and what you want. Ask yourself:

‘How many hours of sleep are sufficient for you to be alert throughout the day? What kind of physical movement keeps you feeling in shape and pain-free? What nourishment keeps up your energy and makes you feel satisfied? Which people do you enjoy spending time with? How can you find ways to be outside? How can you connect with yourself and find your spiritual center? What activities give you joy (a hobby, reading, volunteering, etc.)?

‘You don’t need to apologize for your needs. They’re valid. And it’s also OK to have wants, even when your life is very full.’

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September 13, 2023