Why Kismuth


Highlights of Kismuth’s programs include:

  • A locally grown perspective. Cambodia is called the Kingdom of Wonder and I invite you to explore what that might mean, to you. Experience the city quietly, in an off-the-beaten-path way. If you want tourist sites and to take tours for those, there are lots of people who will be happy to help. Me, I prefer small spaces, locally-owned if I can find them, and relaxing settings for conversation. For Kismuth, conversation is the main point.
  • Disconnect from ‘the Western gaze.’ Many people I know are very self-aware about decolonization; sometimes it’s hard to see but Kismuth makes a point to bring the ‘other’ to the fore.  Always a work in progress to do that but, this kind of traveling, I feel, has more meaning and depth in the context of our emerging world. Pay attention to what you observe; sometimes the best stories are in the socialized-to-be-margins.
  • Work with me personally. I’ll be able to give you a highly personalized set of itinerary options. Based on your choices, I can arrange things. All will be based on what we talk about when we get to know each other through the application process.
  • Meet people who really live here. I hope to mix some of the guests who arrive from abroad with friends in my community here in Phnom Penh, too.
  • Carve out time and space… for you. For those who want more time to immerse in their own creative pursuits and get away from other people, I can advise on that, too. Ask me about the Quiet Spaces itinerary.
  • Residencies. In partnership with local hotels and boutiques, I have designed especially for artists’ and writers’ residencies.

See for yourself what making space can reveal to you about… you.

Why am I so sure it works? Because I’ve seen lots of people engage in my programs over the last 20 years and I know how to set things up to make exactly that happen. See reviews at my personal site.

Also, since there’s an application process, I can see if I’m a fit for you.

Kismuth exists to solve a need for conversation space within a quieter, more quality-oriented mood for curious, discerning immersion-seeking traveler.

Inspiration and breakthroughs emerge, from these kinds of intentional retreats, I feel. Immersing for a time in a new place helps bring it forward.