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[…] 2014 a small group of people interested in writing to prompts together joined Kismuth Books’ COJOURNAL project. After writing in small circles for a year, Kismuth collaged the anthology, THE […]

[…] A huge part of the creative process: editing. Learning, after you’ve said ‘yes’ a lot, how to finally say ‘no.’ Because you want to deliver value where you are best capable of doing that. So it’s client-oriented. Really. It’s not about you. Breaking it down. Not saying too much in one arena, saying what feels like it fits, like it sits right, in the circles of interest that feel like they most and best align with you. Where you are, there and then. Cause of course it will change. It always does. Everything is moving around, in flux, all the time. The longer I was writing the more I felt it would be fun to write wit hothers, and that’s how such inventions as ‘co-creation’ began, for me, with a few trusting and ready-to-try-this others. That was in 2014, starting with COJOURNAL14. […]

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