Writing with others, across the cloud

It would be really cool if _ and _, joined me for this round, for August’s ‘Papers.’

But I won’t bother them. I’m busy with my own things anyway, and happy writing away with my new friends, too. It’s been quite a journey, and a pleasure, to visit in real life with _ and online with _, and also, to have more time alone to put the big blocks of text together for End of the Rainbow. Which comes out on September 15, by the way. Should I do some kind of virtual launch? Or is that too much of a bother. Hm, yeah. Who cares, anyway. I’ll just write it, that’s where I’ll focus, and if people want to meet me and hear me read from it, I’ll do that. Like with Breakfast in Cambodia, that time. That was low-key and splendid. Let me think it over. End is really a different kind of animal, though, than Breakfast. It doesn’t want to be too public. [deleted] I think I’ve picked up some new tools, though, thanks in part to MD, CS, and others in my online circles.

Conversations across the void, to interlink & interconnect

Speaking of which, this weekend, I’m putting together our August syllabus for ‘Papers.’ It’s been really cool to read the applications that came in and work out some things thematically, so as to design a month’s worth of conversation-starting prompts. I used to teach a whole bunch of different subjects, when I was a student in Kyoto I did this kind of thing, I remember, at the I-House, just gather people and talk about whatever they wanted to talk about. English conversation? I guess. (One of them visited me in Ireland years later.) Yes, English conversation. But not so much about the English part, the words or grammar, rather, more about the conversation of it: the relationships we were developing. Together. I love that. I still do. Ergo, Papers. Starts again on Tuesday. In the cloud, of course. Are you curious? Just apply.