Zining ‘Solitude’

Writing it.

Solitude. Sharing it… as. a set of zines. Each one is downloadable, and printable (four pages, each of them to be printed double-sided), and folded together to make a little booklet that would be A5. It’s half of A4, if you’re not familiar with this size, and A4 is close-ish to 8.5″ x 11″ though whenever I live in Japan and Ireland and Vietnam and places like these outside of those United States I start to get into the A and B sizing of papers. Papers, I could talk about papers for days and years.

Honestly, I love working with the publishing medium, digital or whatnot. The thing that is most important to me, however, is: accessibility.

It shouldn’t be pretentious. Why do I want to publish a giant book that looks like a book? Because I want to prove to someone that I can write? I don’t need to do that. I know I can write. And I write the way I like. The way I want. Works for me. Shouldn’t that be enough?

And if you need to have something packaged up in that way in order to trust that it’s any good, well, that’s kind of you, not me, then. See what I mean?

Zines are more fun, friendly, light. And you can add to them, to make them a little bit your own, like MB said, when we talked about ‘marketing S P A C E,’ which was a conversation that I abandoned in order to just… write it.

Solitude is coming together as a series, then. I felt like just sharing it in this very straightforward medium. And that’s why it’s not a giant block of text, either. It’s not easy for people to read through all that, these days, at least not the people I write for. The people who read Kismuth, I think, prefer it short, to be honest. Or if not short at least conversational. I remember that. Thank you, Dipika, for writing a book I can read in two hours. I’m not finding it a romantic idea to proceed to create a ‘bestseller’ that somehow you have to go around and become a marketing and promotion machine for. I noticed now that if you apply for jobs you have to upload a video of yourself. That just makes it worse, the trend towards pretending that you’re oh-so-excited about something that, how can you be excited about something you don’t know yet? It’s fake. Fake promotion is just… not. My. Idea of a good use of my time. Time is life, after all. Time is life.

Of Solitude, it’s a series so I’m sharing snippets from the archives of my notepapers, digital stories, reworked things and also, my end of our conversations, at times, that I have shared with my writing circle in my Interactive Papers Project, a circle by invitation from other Cojournaling-related activities around here. So yeah. The prompts on ‘Emotionalism’ and ‘Inside-Outside Self,’ for example, and the important thing that came of that process of exchanging with others who were also reflecting, others I consider these days to be my closest friends, well, you know.

It goes deeper than just “I write. I write these things. Consume them.” No. [deleted]

Solitude has helped me understand that while being alone is fabulous, the quality of space that comes of exchanges with those you know you can count on over time, is exquisite, too. It can’t be a thing like that without… showing up. Over time. Ninety percent of it is showing up.

Zining is fun. I may have left some blank pages for myself to doodle something into, when I get the chance to go and print them, myself, at the local copy shop. It is kind of open, there is a woman there who knows me and knows that if I just hand her the USB she knows what to do. That’s how I made these. https://www.behance.net/gallery/124087067/S-P-A-C-E-Vietnam

Do you want to read Solitude? You can. You can. Just download and print and fold the three issues. A set. I invite you try it. For Solitude, there are three issues, so far. I put the over in the shop at Design Kompany’s S P A C E.

More awaits, I feel good about the way it’s been shaping up.