M. on a call yesterday said, ‘You were the person who told me about zoom. And now it’s the most important thing in the world.’ M. likes to make a drama out of things, and I like that about M. Also on our call was C. I got to know both of them over a good chunk of time, yearslong, while we were all in the same place at the same time. Much like when I was in high school, with K. and V., I got into it, I got silly and made my punny jokes, and, on the call with M. and C. felt right at home, as if I was back in high school, which I loved 11th and 12th grades of it, by the way, and yeah. Really relaxing. I think I know why.

I like this mode of being happy in my little… group. I like when my friends get started knowing one another. Like, actually knowing, not stupid-superficial knowing. Yeah, I can expand on this. I like a group. I’m Gen X, so I have a different picture of what that means. Not in the Millenial way, where everyone goes around in a throng of inauthentic bonds and acts like that stupid television show that starts with an ‘F’ that I can’t stand. Not like that. Just, you know, being in the same orbit, as S. used to say when S. was in my orbit in Seattle. It was impossible to include S. in any ‘group,’ though. S. is far too independent, that kind of a cool cat. I think S. is in government, now. Was, last we were in touch. Which was the 00s I think. Gosh. Time. Happens, doesn’t it? While I”m on the subject of groups and small friendships that last a little while in a circle in a spot of time-space, I am also back in touch with K. and A. This is nice because the D-A-K circle was definitely one of the best ones, ever. Late 90s. Now, it feels like it might resurge but only in the zoom-y way. Virtual. That’s okay. I’ll take it. There was also that nice cojournal circle or two. I like this sort of thing. Relational arts. I’m also enjoying ‘Papers,’ with A-A-D. Hmmm. I think I’m catching wind of the mechanics of what makes me *happy* with my writing and writing with. Jamming. Jazzy? Kind of. Sure.

More soon, if I feel up for more. Will share the opportunities, here and there, though the usual channels. Maybe.